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CDR writing samples could be provided by us to you, but it is strongly advised that those materials should not be copied in the final paper of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). This might otherwise lead to the rejection of your CDR writing service. The CDR writing services report is checked for plagiarism by EA, and plagiarised reports are never accepted. Therefore, you could quickly think of proofreading your paper with our CDR review service.

Many CDR writing services and samples are available at online CDR writing service help, which has positive feedbacks from EA. These samples have been written by CDR Report writers who are quite efficient and professional. The Engineers of Australia have approved all these CDR writing samples, and therefore these samples are beneficial for engineers. These samples help the engineers in understanding the EA guidelines while they are preparing a CDR report. This would help them in getting EA approval for their reports.

You should note that you will be able to access these free samples of the CDR report through our EA database. We have written these samples exclusively for our clients, which are a part of our CDR writing services. Our CDR report services vary widely, starting from CDR preparation, CDR editing, CDR writing to CDR proofreading, CDR plagiarism checking, and reviewing of CDR reports.

We prepare all the CDR reports with the help of the Latest Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) booklet. EA has published this booklet, which contains all the abilities which are required by the Engineers. Three documents are provided inside a sample of a CDR Report, that is, a Sample CPD, a Sample of Career Episode, and a statement of summary.

  • CDR of Mechanical Engineering Stream

  • CDR of Aeronautical Engineering Stream

  • CDR of Electrical Engineering Stream

  • CDR of Civil Engineering Stream

  • CDR of Electronics Engineering Stream

  • CDR for Petroleum Engineers

  • CDR for Mining Engineers

  • CDR of Electrical Engineering Draftsperson Stream

  • CDR of Telecommunications Engineering Stream

CDR samples are also found in other streams for the benefit of the Engineers of Australia.

  • Engineers of Aeronautical discipline

  • Engineers of Agricultural discipline

  • Engineers of Biomedical discipline

  • Engineers of Chemical discipline


  • Engineers of Civil Stream

  • Engineers of Computer Stream

  • Engineers of Control Stream


  • Engineers of Electrical Stream

  • Engineers of Electronics Stream

  • Engineers of Geotechnical Stream

  • Engineers of Industrial Stream

  • Engineers of Mechanical Stream

  • Engineers of Mining Stream

  • Engineers of Mining Stream

  • Engineers of Production Stream

  • Engineers of Telecommunication Stream

  • Engineers of Transport Stream

We offer you those CDR writing samples, which have already been surveyed by EA. This signifies that the people have previously worked with the engineers, and after that, they have relocated to Australia for work. These people could get Visa 189, Visa 190, or Visa 489 with the help of our provided CDR writing services.

Utility of CDR-Report

With the help of our CDR writing service we help the students submit their online CDR assignments successfully to EA (Engineers Australia). This report is needed as a part of their skill assessment and Australian Immigration Process. Our team consists of proficient engineers from Australia who could assist you in your CDR report and ensure a successful submission.

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It is considered to be the last phrase of the editing process. This process helps in focusing on the surface errors, misspelling and grammar issues or punctuations. Thus it is essential to proofread the same after it has been finished all the editing.